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Las 12 mejores aplicaciones de CrossFit para atletas de 2020

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CrossFit workouts are known to be exhausting. The  routines  CrossFit take you to the limit in the quest for ever higher profits. That said, not everything about starting CrossFit has to be challenging.

With the right apps, you can find workouts, track your progress, time intervals, and connect with other athletes, all with a few taps or swipes on your smartphone or tablet.

There are tons of CrossFit apps   , and even more fitness apps in general, but you don’t need to check them out on your own. Download one (or more!) Of the best CrossFit apps here and see for yourself.

Our top picks


Beyond the Whiteboard offers an athlete version and a box owner version   , each of which has its own unique features designed to foster athletic excellence and the CrossFit community.

Athletes can track and share their workouts, estimate rep max for various lifts, compare their results with the world community, and see where they rank on their own box’s leaderboard.

Beyond the Whiteboard  , or BTWB as it is known in the CrossFit community, is by far the most popular CrossFit app.

The versions of the application are available for the web,  iOS  and  Android  , although they have a cost. People can pay $ 5 per month or $ 50 per year, which includes a 30-day free trial.

Box owners can select plans ranging from $ 35 to $ 200 per month, which include access to memberships for a specific number of athletes.

For example, a box with a monthly membership of $ 35 can provide access to 25 members, while a box that pays $ 200 per month can add an unlimited number of members.


If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by training options, or if you don’t like following CrossFit’s Official Workout of the Day (WOD), you may want to download WOD Genie.

The concept of the application is simple: it generates a training for you based on the equipment you have available and the type of exercises you want to do.

From there, the app provides exercises, rep schemes, descriptions, and videos that demonstrate the generated workout if you’re unsure of the execution.

WOD Genie takes the hassle out of training planning. All you have to focus on is sweating.

WOD Genie is available on iOS for free.


SugarWOD is a free application that offers solutions to athletes and box owners to help simplify the planning, tracking and analysis of workouts and programs.

The app includes a library of over 1,000 workouts, tools to connect with other members from your box, as well as the larger CrossFit community, and a profile to log their WODs and track their PR.

SugarWOD is competing with Beyond the Whiteboard for your money.

The application is available on  iOS  and  Android  .


While myWOD includes some features to connect and follow other users and boxes, it is more geared towards the individual athlete.

You can create and save your own custom workouts, track and view your workouts on a calendar, graph your results for specific WODs to see your progress over time, and find your perfect training weight for each individual exercise.

If you are not connected to a specific CrossFit box, myWOD might be a good app for you.

This is a paid application. You may want to start with a giveaway to see if it meets your needs before choosing to subscribe to myWOD, which is available on iOS and Android for $ 3.99.


WOD Roulette is a bit sophisticated, but its simplicity is refreshing. Just shake your phone or click the “roulette” button and the app instantly offers a random workout.

Options range from  classic women’s WODs   to new and different methods. If you don’t like the suggested workout, just shake (or click) again.

In addition to providing new training ideas, WOD Roulette allows you to save your favorite workouts for future use.

The functionality of WOD Roulette is limited. If you want to track your stats or progress, you’d be better off with SugarWOD or Beyond the Whiteboard.

The application is available for free on  iOS  and  Android  .


The WODster app offers hundreds of workouts to choose from. If there are too many options, the app will select a workout for you. WODster allows you to attach images to your daily WODs, create your own custom timers to keep up with your routine, and allows you to track your progress and PR over time.

The app doesn’t have as many community connection features as other apps. If connecting with others is a feature that matters to you, SugarWOD or Beyond the Whiteboard might be a better option.

WODster is a kind of combination of WOD generators (like WOD Roulette) and applications with more functionality (like Beyond the Whiteboard).

The app is available for free (and completely ad-free) on  Android  .


WOD Log is another great fitness tracker that encourages you to schedule, record, and analyze your workout progress over time. It also has a more robust system for tracking and monitoring your current skill level compared to other apps.

The app can also help you determine the weight to use for each workout and offers built-in timers to let you keep track of individual workouts.

WODlog’s training database is limited compared to some other apps, but it still features over 150 of the most common and well-known reference workouts. In addition, the application allows you to create your own workouts.

The application is available for free on  iOS  and  Android  .


WODBook is similar to WOD Log but allows you to more easily connect with your local box to access workouts and compare results with other local athletes.

The free version of WODBook is robust. It includes workouts, timers, calendar functions, analysis, and one rep max estimates for all your exercises.

WODmachine a solid option for practically any athlete.

While the free version is great, the Pro version offers one feature not to be overlooked: WODmachine. The exercise generator differs from the other apps on the list.

Rather than providing random training from a database, WODmachine uses the data entered to create custom training specifically for you.

The application is available for free on  Android  . The PRO version is available as an in-app upgrade for $ 2.99.


Pocket WOD has many of the same features found elsewhere on this list, but it also offers a few bonuses, all for free.

The app offers its own WOD, along with premium motion videos to help you master the form. You’ll also get standard weight converters, timers, planning and tracking logs, and data backups.

Pocket WOD also allows you to log into your account online at view your data and export it to other devices.

The app focuses on  Hero WOD  , which provides information dedicated to the fallen military that give the WOD their name.

The application is available for free on  iOS  and  Android  .


The CrossFit community is committed to healthy eating, and the eating plan of choice tends to be the   high-protein, low-carb Paleo diet.

If you’re interested in trying the diet, but don’t know where to start, consider downloading the Eat Paleo app.

The app features 200+ Paleo-friendly recipes with beautiful and delicious images that you can search by category and type of food.

You can also create shopping lists based on the recipes in the application database.

Eat Paleo is available for free on  iOS  .


If you can’t get enough of CrossFit, you need to download the CrossFit News app. The app aggregates news, blogs, podcasts, and videos from sources like CrossFit.com, CrossFit Games, Breaking Muscle, Barbell Shrugged, WOD Talk, Everyday Paleo, Gymnastic WOD, and more.

If you are constantly bouncing between websites to find the latest CrossFit news, this app will save you time.

CrossFit News available for free on  Android  .


If you’ve got your WOD bases covered (and you’re not interested in keeping track of your workouts or connecting with other athletes), you may just need a solid training timer.

Chronic Timer is one of the easiest to use and most customizable timing apps available, making it perfect for serious CrossFit athletes.

You can fully customize your entire workout, dividing it into work and rest periods. You can even include separate times for your warm-up, various training and cool-down protocols.

For example, if you want to track a workout that includes a 5 minute warm up, a   4 minute high intensity Tabata workout , a short rest period, a timed circuit workout, all followed by a   10 minute cool down , you could build your own custom timer to keep your entire routine on track.

Chronic Timer is available for free on  iOS  .


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit  is a form of high intensity exercise that includes workouts such as plyometric jumping, kettlebell and weight lifting, rock climbing, explosive bodyweight movements, and more. Although the workouts can be performed by people of any fitness level, they are known to be tough, intense, and push athletes to the limit.

CrossFit can be an effective exercise for building strength, burning calories, increasing aerobic fitness, improving agility and flexibility, and losing weight. Beyond the health and fitness benefits, CrossFit is a united community and way of life for some of its most dedicated fans. CrossFitters even have their own  special language  , filled with acronyms, terms, and abbreviations, along with some unusual exercise names.


How much do CrossFit apps cost?

Some CrossFit apps are completely free to download, but may be a basic version with limited features. Other CrossFit apps charge a one-time download cost, usually in the range of $ 2 to $ 12, or they may offer a monthly or yearly professional membership. In general, memberships range from about $ 2 to $ 5 per month, with discounts for longer plans. More expensive apps typically offer more workouts, robust progress tracking, and the ability to connect with other CrossFitters.


What should I wear for CrossFit workouts?

You should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move. Look for clothing that is made of  moisture-wicking material  to keep you dry and comfortable. Many CrossFitters like to wear compression shorts or pants, which allow them to move around comfortably without fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Women should wear a supportive sports bra. On your feet, wear   sturdy sneakers with excellent support, stability, grip, and traction.


What equipment do I need for CrossFit workouts?

If you join a CrossFit gym, you most likely have access to a wide range of weights,  dumbbells  , medicine balls, ropes, boxes, rings, and more. However, if you like to exercise at home, you don’t need a lot of equipment to create varied and challenging CrossFit workouts. Depending on your space and budget, you can add some key pieces of  CrossFit equipment  to your home gym, including a plyometric box foam, a  jump rope  , a dumbbell  Russian  , a set of adjustable dumbbells, one  chin -up bar ,  and a  battle . rope  .

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